Hemp Oil Original – Blue – Artaban


  • 100% Biodynamic & Organic Hemp oil
  • Australian Handpicked Organic cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Blended with other beneficial herbs, oils & minerals.

By bringing together the unique qualities of these specially selected plants and minerals, Artaban have created their Original oil.

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    • Biodynamic organic Hemp oil,
    • Australian organic handpicked cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,
    • Organic Nigella Sativa,
    • Organic Turmeric,
    • Organic black pepper,
    • Sunflower lecithin,
    • Organic Reishi,
    • Organic Maitake,
    • Organic Chaga,
    • Aurum comp,
    • High altitude Frankincense,
    • High altitude Myrhh,
    • Organic Raw Honey.

Shake well before use.
Store away from direct light.
Refrigeration not recommended.

If any known allergies to any of these list ingredients, do not use!
Patch test before use 24 to 48 hours.
Take caution not to be used on broken skin.

Solvent free.
Hand Made in small batches.
Recycle 6 months after opening.

In accordance with Australian Hemp regulations, these products are non-therapeutic and not for human consumption.
We are not able to offer medical advice or dosage suggestions.

Used for ‘external use only’ within Australia.

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Weight .255 kg

10ml, 30ml, 100ml