Who are we?

Hello from Naturally Earthed

What a whirlwind three years it has been for us. We have welcomed three beautiful daughters into the world and have changed our lifestyle completely.

We have moved away from our self-sustainable small property and have happily eliminated a large number of materialistic items and have been enriched with so much more, through meaningful time with each other and our children; we have been living and not just surviving. 

In the beginning of 2022, at 26 weeks pregnant we embarked on our little “THE BLOCK” journey and finishing renovating our 1950s country costal cottage for sale. At 35 weeks pregnant we set off on a journey not one of us had ever imagined. 

We now no longer have four stationary walls to live under. The roof over our children’s heads is constantly moving. We live in a CARAVAN full-time! 

On the road being eco minded has definitely had its challenges. 

I’m not sure where this business and blog are taking me in my journey, but at this time I am interested in sharing ideas, product reviews, challenges and wins.

Personally I am excited for the experiences that I will be having and watching my children engage with so much more opportunities that are available to us from living on the road.

Naturally Earthed is a SAHM business run from the sunny Mid North Coast, NSW.

My name is Danni. We have a wonderful family of 2 sons and a 1 year old daughter and due with another in October.

My parnter and I were both brought up in farm life. Now we live a country/beachside lifestyle, lucky enough to have the best of both worlds.

We have become increasingly aware of the impact we create upon our earth. I wish to share our ideas, reviews and products that we have implemented in our life to work towards supporting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

We as a family currently do the followng;
⛰Cloth nappies and wipes
⛰We own chickens
🏔Reducing single use plastics
⛰Compostable packing and shipping options
🏔Recycle as much as possible
⛰Reducing the use of chemicals in our home
🏔Vegetable gardens

I hope to provide you with quality products and information you can use and implement in your life to reduce our impact on the Earth.

Some of the products we have to offer you are; handmade items, pre-loved clothing and toys, modern cloth nappies, cloth wipes, sustainable home items and naturally sourced health products.

We invite you to share in our journey through reading our reviews, joining us on our social media and though purchasing our products which we have collaborated with other suppliers,  investigated and chosen to share with you.

If there is something you would like me to stock please contact me.

I look forward to you being apart of our supportive community.

Danni x

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